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Gaming Machines ...
My product developments have included several electronic/electro-mechanical cash-pay gaming machines, including several approved by the Nevada State Gaming Commission (1972-3).  These activities included basic electronic circuit design, enclosure and symbols and graphics design, development and production documentation, and actual product prototype fabrications.

Military and Specialty Connector and Cable Development ...
These activities have included cable and miniature connector designs for military field electronics involving products with high-efficiency EMI/RFI shielding, and tolerance to water immersion, shock, vibration, salt-spray, UV radiation, and exposure to chemical, biological and nuclear contamination.

Supplemental Cable Mechanism ...
Among similar projects, I independently developed an in-line Cable Function Selector Switch (12-pole, 6-position), which had been designed to meet demanding military field applications including total water submersion.  Several thousand of these switches were acquired by the U.S. Marine Corps., for use in conjunction with Litton Data System's "DCT" miniature military field computer.  There were no reported failures of this product, during years of field application.


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