As shown in the example illustrations below, I have an extensive background in industrial model building, and can produce display and promotional models fabricated in ABS plastic and other materials appropriate to the requirement.  Such models may be static, or may include elaborate articulation and/or lighting, supported by all necessary electronic controls.  These controls are usually designed around dedicated TTL or CMOS circuitry. 

Examples include:

Mirror Fusion Reactor ...
These photos show my fabrications of models for the Mirror Fusion Reactor, built in the facilities of Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in the early 1980's.

Functional Prototype ...
Model-building capability also made possible the functional prototype fabrication of the specialty 5-15R electrical outlet pictured here. A patent on this invention, in my name, is currently in process.

Marketing and Presentational Model ...

This model, with four-square-foot-base, was constructed as a sales and demonstration aid in a new product marketing application.


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