the dollar is ripe for collapse, wiping out your savings ... stocks, bonds, cash in the bank ... all paper assets
When it costs $4,000,000,000 to mail a letter, what will your million dollars in the bank buy? In the 1920's, at one point, letters cost ten billion Marks to mail a letter. Just a few years before that, a Mark was worth about 40¢US ... the same kind of runaway in­fla­tion would make a 37¢ stamp cost $4 billion.
Germany was an ex­treme case, but if the dol­lar only los­es 95% of its value in­stead of 99.999%, it's still going to de­stroy your se­cur­i­ty. We haven't gone over the edge yet, but we're get­ting close. You need to act now ... no one can know the ex­act hour and day.
Itcan't happen here. That's what they said in Rus­sia, Ger­many, Isra­el, Ar­gen­ti­na, China, Mex­ico, Eng­land ... and we're doing the same things they did before their col­lapse ... wars we can't win, taxing the poor to give to the rich, ig­nor­ing the health of the people, run­away budget def­i­cits, let­ting the in­fra­structure de­cay and col­lapse (dams, roads, bridges, levies), let­ting clever so­ci­o­paths man­ip­u­late mon­o­po­lies to cre­ate ar­ti­fi­ci­al short­a­ges and ou­tra­geous prices, let­ting the same peo­ple steal the as­sets of re­tire­ment plans, let­ting them strip com­pa­nies bare, let­ting com­pa­nies re­pu­di­ate their ob­li­ga­tions to their work­ers, let­ting the same peo­ple dic­tate pol­icies and even run the gov­ern­ment ... it's hap­pen­ed here and hurt people you know if not to you.
Economicsis the most boring subject in the world ... but it's a perfect example of
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