In 1928, bad if not criminal economic policy in New York and Washington D.C. led to the collapse of family farms all over the nation ... one year later came black Friday (October 25), followed by the Great De­pres­sion which the nation did not recover from for over a decade. We now have safe­guards to keep banks from getting into the same trouble. They wonít fail. Now the dollar itself will collapse, de­stroy­ing your savings ó the value of your stocks, bonds, cash ó all dollar denominated assets.
When it costs four bil­lion dol­lars to mail one let­ter, what will your mil­lion dol­lars in the cash and bonds buy? In the 1920ís, at one point, letters cost ten billion Marks to mail. Just a few years before that, a Mark was worth about 40ĘUS ... the same kind of runaway in­fla­tion would make a 37Ę stamp cost $4 billion.
Germany was an ex­treme case, but if the dol­lar only los­es 95% of its value in­stead of 99.999%, itís still going to de­stroy your se­cur­i­ty. We havenít gone over the edge yet, but weíre get­ting close. You need to act now ... no one can know the ex­act hour and day.
The dollar fail? It canít happen!
Thatís what the Germans said ... the Rus­sians, the French, the English, the Italians, the Chinese, the Argentinans, the Israelis, the Chileans (and many more). Every nation on earth has suf­fer­ed ero­sion of their cur­ren­cies over time since the gold stan­dard was aban­don­ed after World War II. But weíre not talk­ing about grad­u­al ďin­fla­tion.Ē Weíre talk­ing about the sud­den drop in value of a cur­ren­cy in re­la­tion to gold and other cur­ren­cies over a few months, a few weeks, or even in one day. When this happens, your money lit­er­al­ly crum­bles. It may lose 25% of its value overnight, maybe 50%, or 90%, maybe even more. In a mat­ter of a couple years, hard working Rus­si­ans lost every­thing they had saved all their working lives ... their Rouble went from being worth more than a U.S. Dollar to being worth less than a thouandth of a U.S. cent. The U.S. dollar probably wonít fall that much, but your dollar has already lost half its value in the past two years against gold.
Sudden monitary collapse comes when there is no confidence in the money. U.S. money used to be the single world currency. Now it is just one of many, and losing influence fast. The U.S. Dollar used to be backed by gold and silver. Then just silver. Now itís backed by ďthe full faith and credit of the United States.Ē In other words, nothing. Itís a dollar only because the government says itís a dollar. When others wonít accept that as enough guarantee, our dollar will collapse.
What brings on this distrust of our money? When other people see things they believe will hurt the economy of the United States. Printing money to pay debts instead of taxing those who can pay ... running high budget deficits ... going to war for no good reason ... fighting wars that are unwinable ... letting the infrastructure decay and collapse (dams, roads, bridges, levies) ... allowing health care to be unavailable for many people ... allowing near monopolies to create shortages to run up the costs of necessities ... letting clever sociopaths steal the assets of companies and bankrupt them ... letting them steal the assets of their workersí retirement accounts, letting the same people dictate policies, even run the government ... taxing the poor to give to the rich ... itís all happened here, itís hap­pen­ing now and itís hurt people you know if not you, yourself.
Other nations see whatís happening. That and the bloating money supply are why the U.S. Dollar has lost half its value in the past two years. Why the price of gas is twice what it was a year ago, why everything else will cost twice as much. You may feel good because your house is valued much more than it was. But housing prices can go down as quickly as they have gone up. Weíre in the middle of a housing bubble. Try getting assets out of your house when the housing market goes down, like it will soon. Your credit will suddenly turn negative because you will owe more on your house that itís worth ... and you canít declare bankruptcy because of recently enacted laws.
Itís not all bad news, though. There are things you can do to protect your savings ... protect your family ... protect yourself ... and knowing what happened and is happening to bring about this precarious position ... and knowing what people have done for thousands of years to protect themselves from economic collapse. Thatís what the Nature of Money is all about.
Forty years of research went into the writing of the Nature of Money ... it lays out whatís been happening, the how and the why. More important, it shows what to do to save yourself and your family from the unfolding disaster. The report is consise, to the point, and is easy to understand. No, it wonít grow hair on your head or make your bust two sizes larger, make you more masculine or more feminine, or tighten your abs ... and you wonít die if you donít read it.
But if you do read it, you will be able to take simple and obvious steps to protect yourself and your family from the increasing deleterious effects of bad (and criminal) economic policies. Itíll be the most productive $50 time youíve spent in a long time.
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